I attended my first yoga class almost 10 years ago when my best friend invited me to go with her. Physically active but extremely inflexible, I was thrilled to notice a significant change in my range of motion after just that one practice.

I soon learned that yoga does so much more than help people touch their toes. During my third or fourth class, the teacher eloquently stated that yoga is about letting go of the past as well as the expectations of the future – and in doing so, inner peace is possible. This simple, yet profound logic has stayed with me ever since, and I continue to turn to my practice as a way to calm my perpetually busy mind and let go of stress and worry.

With a desire to deepen my knowledge and practice, I began the 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training program with Tracy Mann, Lerrita Rubinoff, and Tanis Fishman at Yoga Passage in 2009.  After graduating from the program in 2010, I went on to finish a 30-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Janice Clarfield of Urban Yoga in 2011. And in 2012, I traveled to Rishikesh, India, to complete my 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training with world-renowned teacher Yogi Vishvketu (Vishva) and his co-facilitators, Kamalika (Kat) Mills, Gayatri (Gayle) Poapst, and Prem (Robin) Campbell. Upon completion of the program, Vishva-ji gave me the spiritual name “Rachana”, meaning creativity.

Yoga continues to captivate and nourish my heart, and it is my intention as a teacher to help students find their inner peace both on and off the mat.

In addition to teaching yoga, I work as a writer and communications professional. I live with my husband, Ed, our baby girl, Ruby, and our dogs, Duke and Penny.

Some painters take the sun and turn it into a yellow spot; others take a yellow spot and turn it into the sun.” –Pablo Picasso

Photos by Photographik